Excel Consignment Invoice Template

We’ve made a simple and professional looking 2019 invoice template available for everyone free of charge. Link to the Excel file is provided below.

Although we have taken extra care to make sure the template is fully accurate, you should still proofread and check for discrepancies before sending it over to any customers.

Should You Use a Consignment Invoice?

It all comes down to who you are selling your goods to and on what terms. With a consignment sale the invoice is due only when the goods are sold by the buyer. Basically, you send the goods to a buyer, who then sells them on your behalf and once the goods are sold, will pay the invoice that was attached to the shipment.

For all other types of sales, we do not recommend using this template. If you are not sure what type of invoice you need, look for a very basic one and tweak it according to your specific needs.

Consignment Invoice Template
Consignment Invoice Snapshot

How to Use the Consignment Invoice Template?

For your ease of use, we’ve added a few formulas to the invoice template. The footer, item totals, subtotal, sales tax and total are calculated automatically based on your input.

All you need to do is add your company details and save it as a template invoice for later use with all your consignments.

Please note that this is a template for a consignment invoice, not a company invoice. We currently do not have any generic invoice templates available but if you are one of our newsletter subscribers, you’ll be notified as soon as we have uploaded any new templates. Stay tuned!

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>>Click here to download the consignment invoice template.<<

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