How to Unhide Columns in Excel

How to Unhide Columns in Excel

It’s easy to hide columns in Excel but not always that easy to reveal them. Depending on what columns or rows you have hidden, there are four different options to bring them back again.

1. Unhide All Columns

This is the easiest option for you if you want to unhide all columns in your sheet. Click on the upper left corner of your spreadsheet to select the entire sheet. See below for an example. Alternatively you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl plus + (Cmd plus +) control plus a or command a for mac users.

Once you’ve selected the entire sheet, right click or double tap anywhere on the sheet and select Unhide.

Example of How to Unhide All Columns
How to Unhide All Columns

2. A Section of Columns

If you only want to unhide a section of your sheet, select the columns that surround the hidden columns, right click and select Unhide. The same will work for rows.

Example of how to unhide a section of columns
How to Unhide a Section of Columns

3. Only One Column

You can also unhide by right clicking on the double lines between column names but this will only unhide the right most column, not all of them.

Example of How to Unhide One Column
How to Unhide One Column

4. Unhide The First Column

This one is the trickiest, as you can’t select the surrounding columns and selecting a column from only one side of a hidden column will not work. The quickes way would be just to unhide by selecting all cells, but if you need most of the celles to stay put, this won’t be much use to you.

To unhide only the first column, you’ll need to click on the little name box next to the formula bar and type in A1. This will select the column for you and you are now able to right click on it and unhide it. Or alternatively go to Home > Format > Hide and Unhide > Unhide Columns.

Example of How to Unhide First Column
How to Unhide First Column

Final Thoughts

This should cover all the scenarios where you’ll need to unhide columns in Excel. Let us know in the comments below if we missed any!

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