Pugh Matrix Template

Pugh Matrix Template

The Pugh Matrix is a decision-matrix method used to determine the best option out of an option set. It will score and rank each option against a baseline.

If you are already familiar with the process, you can skip to the downloadable Excel Pugh Matrix template.

Overview of the Pugh Matrix

The Pugh Matrix was invented by Stuart Pugh, who was a design engineer and manager. You can use it to rank investment, engineering, product and vendor options. Or any other set of a multidimensional entity. It ranks by comparing all your options by category against a baseline.

For example, let’s say that you are looking for a new supplier for your business. You will need to list all the bits that are important when selecting a supplier, such as delivery time, quality, reliability, terms etc. Once you have your criteria, you also need a list of potential suppliers. These you will add to the matrix, assign a score to each category for every supplier by comparing them to your current supplier. Once you have all the information on the matrix, you can sum the score for every supplier and rank them accordingly.

An important differentiator from other matrixes is that the Pugh Matrix is not weighed. This allows for a quick selection process but will not be as accurate.

How to Use the Pugh Matrix Template

Below I’ve made an easy to use Pugh matrix with all the required formulas. You only need to edit your concepts and criteria.

Example Pugh Matrix

The “Alternative” column is for the concepts that you wish to compare and the “Criteria” row is for attributes that you will score. The “Totals” column calculates the total score for each concept and the “Rank” column is for the overall rank. The Rank column will also highlight the 1st spot automatically.

>>Click here to download the Pugh matrix template.<<

Alternative Matrix Templates

If you are looking for a matrix that compares your current product line with competitors and shows your cash cows, stars and dogs, check out the BCG Matrix Template.

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